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  1. I have to exclude a windows defender check on a specific folder. This can be done by GPO windows defender >exclusion >path How can I do it by SCCM? Thanks
  2. I am looking at some logs. I have noticed for example distmgr.log does't have date incremental I mean I can see only the data of the day I can't see historical movements.
  3. Thank you Manush, I was looking for at the wrong place then.... I found smsdpprov.log. it was in another folder (in the new DP) but it was there 😉 The logs at my eyes are are a data tangle. How can I move and find what I need in those logs. For example, distmgr.log present in the Primary site is a large file and it grows more and more. Could you please sugggest me where to find a guide or tutorial where to start understanding how to interpret all data?
  4. I have created a new DP choosing as primary content and packages D:\ drive. At the end of the wizard process I went to the new DP at D:\ to check the logs but I couldn't find it because the program files (D:\program files\Microsoft Configuration Manager \logs) was not in the D drive. I couldn't find distmgr.log. In D drive I found only this folders: -remoteinstall -SCCMContentLib -SMS -SMS_CCM -SMS_DP$ -SMSPKGD$ -SMSSIG$ Something went wrong or do I need to do something more? Thanks
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